Jünger Audio™ Announces Improved Signal Routing for flexAI Platform

AIXpressor and flexAIserver benefit from improved I/O management and routing system

Cleveland, Ohio (August 30, 2023) - Telos Alliance®, trusted global leader in broadcast audio for more than three decades, is pleased to announce that Jünger Audio™ has introduced a major improvement in signal routing for its flexAI processing platform, which includes both the company's AIXpressor and flexAIserver products. 

flexAI now boasts an innovative routing system that reimagines how audio signals are managed within traditional broadcast workflows, allowing independent sources, destinations and presets to be assigned to individual processing sections. AIXpressor and flexAIserver customers can now easily store and recall unique routing configurations for one functional block or program path independent of other routing profiles, and control signal routing at a more granular level, ensuring seamless transitions between different setups or programs. 

"This represents a significant leap forward in audio routing workflow and expands the versatility of our flexAI platform," said Friedemann Kootz, Managing Director, Jünger Audio. "We are excited to empower broadcast professionals with a flexible and powerful solution that enables seamless control over their audio signals and demonstrates our continued commitment to our flexAI-based products.” 

The new routing features are included as part of the recently released V2023-07r4 software update, which is available as a free upgrade to AIXpressor and flexAIserver customers with a TelosCare Plus SLA.

Additionally, the flexAI platform will soon offer MPEG-H authoring, bringing this important capability to Ju?nger Audio’s most forward-looking software-defined processing platform and incorporating the most recent Fraunhofer MPEG-H library. Featuring both MPEG-H authoring and immersive monitoring with simultaneous rendering of various loudspeaker layouts for traditional distribution channels, the flexAI platform will offer a complete feature set for combined Next Generation and traditional broadcast applications. MPEG-H authoring will be a licensed option available with a system software update in Q4 2023.


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