25-Seven Launches Voltair M Watermark Monitor

Diagnostic-only version of the popular Voltair premieres at NAB.


The Telos Alliance®—parent company of 25-Seven®, makers of the Voltair® Watermark Monitor and Processor—announced today a diagonostic-only version of Voltair, the Voltair M monitor. The Voltair M Watermark Monitor will premiere at NAB 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the Telos Alliance Booth #N1934, April 18-21, 2016.

Last year, the Telos Alliance and 25-Seven launched the original Voltair, which included both watermark-monitoring and processing capabilities. The unit gave broadcasters visibility into their watermark encoding, but also allowed them to process signals, dramatically improving watermark performance. The Voltair M Watermark Monitor includes all of Voltair's great diagnostic features, but does not affect the original audio in any way. This makes Voltair M ideal for facilities that want visibility into their encoding system, but don't currently need Voltair’s full processing capabilities. 


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Voltair M Watermark Monitor delivers:  

  • Encoding confidence information without altering the original signal.
  • Expanded audio monitor output capabilities that let users toggle between the raw feed, encoded feed, or the raw watermark tones. This gives them an auditory understanding of how encoding and processing interact.
  • Calibration tests that provide noise measurements for both Layer 1 and 2 encoders.
  • ‘Encode Failure’ detection: Voltair Monitor features GPIO output alert in the event that encoder signals fail. Detection is far faster than confidence monitors. 
  • A lifetime Data Export License, which gives programmers access to minute-by-minute confidence histories. This allows them to better analyze programming by correlating it to other data sources, such as ratings information and audio log files.

Voltair M runs on the same hardware platform as its namesake, and will be priced at roughly half the cost of a full Voltair Watermark Monitor and Processor. Voltair M can be upgraded to a full Voltair with an optional software update.

"Between Voltair M, Voltair Confidence Data Export capabilities, and our research findings that Voltair can still offer a significant benefit on enhance CBET, there are some exciting things happening in our R&D lab," says Geoff Steadman, Founder of 25-Seven. "We are now exploring how our work with Voltair can benefit processor design. Our Omnia and Voltair teams are working together on some promising crossover technology, seeking to provide maximum code output, while attempting to tame the more pronounced artifacts generated by eCBET's amped-up watermarking tones."

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