25-Seven Systems to Highlight Voltair at NAB 2015

First-of-its-kind device optimizes, provides insight into watermark encoding for ratings

25 March 2015, Cleveland Ohio, USA

It has been said that ratings are a competitive game of inches. In the age of electronic ratings measurement, many stations’ ratings are directly tied to their revenue streams. These measurement methods have the potential to be much more accurate than paper diaries, but program material and listening environment can both play roles in a station being “heard” by a panelist's measurement device. How can stations be sure that they are actually getting credit for each listener?

Voltair is the first and only product that actively monitors and displays watermark encoding quality based on program material, enabling programmers to simulate decoding quality in various listener environments and actively process the signal to optimize watermark encoding based on adjustable parameters. Never before has such detailed insight into this critical process, or the ability to dynamically optimize it, been available to stations.

While nothing can guarantee increased ratings or listenership, Voltair will ensure that stations get credit for as many listeners to their signal as possible. There are over 300 Voltair units already in the field.

Voltair is manufactured in Cleveland Ohio, now shipping, and available exclusively and directly from Telos. For more information or to download a whitepaper, visit http://www.telosalliance.com/25-Seven/Voltair.

To find out more about The Telos Alliance, visit www.TelosAlliance.com. For media information, contact Shane Toven at Shane.Toven@TelosAlliance.com or call +1 216-241-7225.

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