Axia Audio Welcomes Five New Livewire™ Partners

AVRA, Sonifex, Triple Audio, StreamS and Wegener grow AoIP ecosystem

25 March 2015, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Over 80 broadcast hardware and software makers now provide broadcast products and services that work with Axia Audio Livewire AoIP networks, thanks to the addition of five new Axia Partners.

AVRAFlorida-based AVRA ( authors radio streaming software with video server capabilities, allowing audiences to view broadcaster-provided visual content while listening to a radio station’s streaming channel on smartphones, tablets and other IP-connected devices.

SonifexSonifex (, U.K. manufacturers of radio & TV broadcast hardware and software, bought the Australian company Innes Corp in 2014 and are now distributing their Flashlog logging software bundled with the Axia IP-Audio Driver for Windows.

Triple AudioTriple Audio (, of Bilthoven, Nederland, offers a variety of system integration and other services to broadcasters. Their automation software integrates smoothly with Axia IP-Audio Networks.

StreamSStreamS HiFi Audio ( from Modulation Index provides broadcasters with software tools that work with the Livewire IP-Audio Driver for Windows, originating high-quality AAC-LC/HE Audio streams for the Internet, as well as managing and synchronizing Program Associated Data.

WegenerWegener (, international maker of products and systems for complex video and audio networks, has become an Axia Hardware Partner under the Livewire Limitless License (L3) Program. This unique initiative allows manufacturers to build Livewire interfaces into as many hardware products as they like, with no per-unit license fee.

“Broadcasters are all clamoring for interoperation. That’s why Axia Livewire is so popular,” says Axia Marketing Manager Clark Novak. “Axia clients love their ability to immediately connect to a huge ecosystem of software and hardware from over 80 Axia Partners — codecs, audio processors, phone systems, satellite downlinks, workstations and more, that just plug in and work! This isn’t in some theoretical future; it’s right now. No other AoIP network has this many connections.”

More than 5,500 radio studios are equipped with Axia AoIP networks, and over 60,000 devices now in the field connect via Livewire networking technology, developed by Axia parent Telos Systems. Livewire utilizes standard Ethernet to easily route and share audio and logic throughout broadcast plants.

Livewire is also AES67-compliant. Broadcasters with Axia networks can easily exchange audio with any devices that adhere to the AES67 standard — ensuring future-proof operation.

Visitors to NAB 2015 in Las Vegas can find out more about the Axia AoIP Ecosystem at the Telos Alliance display in the Central Hall, booth #C549. For information about Axia, AES67 and becoming a Livewire Partner, contact Clark Novak at, or call +1 216-241-7225.

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About The Telos Alliance

The Telos Alliance ( is a global leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of IP Audio, telephony, and high-performance audio processing equipment for broadcasters. Telos, Omnia, 25-Seven, Axia, and Linear Acoustic are Telos Alliance brands. The Telos Alliance is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio USA, with additional US offices, plus sales, research and manufacturing offices around the world.