ENCO and Axia celebrate 10th NAB show as partners

1 April 2013, Cleveland Ohio, USA

In 2004, a partnership was announced between Telos' new IP-Audio subsidiary, Axia Audio, and playout provider ENCO Systems. At that year's NAB show, ENCO demonstrated integration with Axia products in their booth; 10 NAB Shows later, ENCO and Axia are happy to continue their long term relationship, providing broadcasters with digital delivery systems and networked audio consoles whose networked communication helps ensure that broadcasts are smoother and more error-free than ever.

At NAB 2013, ENCO will feature Axia products in their NAB display booth; ENCO's latest DAD radio automation software will likewise be displayed in the Axia section of the Telos booth. As an Axia value-added reseller, ENCO continues to offer Axia audio networking components bundled along with DAD systems; these systems take full advantage of the tight integration between the two companies' products. ENCO also licenses the Livewire IP- Audio Driver for Windows, and fully supports bidirectional audio routing and GPI/O control inside the Axia network without the need for PC sound cards.

Patrick Campion, ENCO's General Manager, says, "In an industry where IP Audio is still viewed as 'cutting edge' or 'the next big thing in studio technology,' it's great to know that we've partnered up with a company like Axia for almost ten years. It says a lot about both of our organizations; where we've been, and where we're going. ENCO is very proud to continue this mutually beneficial relationship."

Axia Vice President Marty Sacks shares a similar viewpoint. "ENCO has always been a company that takes the long view, with the future firmly in mind. ENCO not only led the field in becoming the first delivery system provider to partner with Axia, they were the first Axia partner — period! They understood how broadcasters could benefit from the performance gains provided by IP-Audio, and went 'all-in'. That's something to be very proud of, and we're looking forward to many more years of collaboration."

Visitors to this year's NAB show are invited to see ENCO and Axia Audio products in the Telos Alliance booth, C3007, or in the ENCO booth, C1321. For more information about Axia, contact Clark Novak via email at cnovak@axiaaudio.com or by phone at +1 216 241-7225; for information about ENCO, contact Ken Frommert at frommert@enco.com .