India's Radio Mirchi installs Axia iQ consoles

13 September 2011, Cleveland Ohio, USA

RadioMirchi Logo

Radio Mirchi, operated by Times of India’s Entertainment Network India Ltd., serves Delhi, India’s largest city by area and home to nearly 17 million residents. Mirchi is also heard throughout India over a nationwide network of private FM radio stations.

Radio Mirchi’s Axia equipment includes several iQ mixing desks with QOR.32 Integrated Console Engines, plus assorted IP-Audio networking gear. The sale was made through AVC Broadcast India, headquartered in Mumbai.

Upon signing on, Roshan Chainani-Dariwal, Radio Mirchi’s Programming Head, wrote in a letter to Axia “With a lot of lust and love, we welcomed our slim and gorgeous Consol-leena this morning. Leena…has super ‘iQ’! Thanks [Axia] for making this possible.”

Radio Mirchi airstaff happily greets their new Axia iQ console.

On August 8, 2011, Radio Mirchi ( inaugurated their new studios in Pune, India by signing on with an Axia Audio AoIP network and iQ mixing consoles.The Axia iQ console is a stereo, four-bus mixer that can expand, using plug-in accessory frames, from eight faders to up to 24 faders. These accessory frames also feature additional controls, such as built-in multi-line telephone controllerse and user-programmable logic keys. iQ’s QOR.32 console engine features 4 Mic inputs, 16 analog ins and 8 analog outs 2 AES/EBU ins and outs, 8 GPIO logic ports, 6 100Base-T Livewire ports for single-cable connection of networked audio devices, and 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports for connection to other studios.

Axia radio consoles are a hit in over 2,000 studios worldwide. Axia allows broadcasters to quickly and easily build audio networks using switched Ethernet to connect a few rooms, or an entire facility. Axia networks have a total system capacity of more than 10,000 audio streams, and can carry hundreds of digital stereo channels (plus machine logic and PAD) over a single CAT-6 cable, eliminating much of the cost normally associated with wiring labor and infrastructure.


Axia, a Telos company, builds Ethernet-based professional IP-Audio products for broadcast, sound-reinforcement and commercial audio applications. Along with the popular Element 2.0 modular console for on-air, commercial production, audio workstations and personal studios, Axia products include the PowerStation integrated console engine, intercom systems, digital audio routers, DSP mixers and processors, and software for configuring, managing and interfacing networked audio systems.