Minnetonka Announces AudioTools Voice Dialogue Intelligibility Plug-In

CLEVELAND, OHIO (January 22, 2019) – The Telos Alliance® TV Solutions Group has introduced AudioTools Voice, a brand-new enhancement tool that addresses television viewer’s long-standing and ongoing struggle to clearly hear and understand program dialogue.

AudioTools Voice is the first and only dialogue intelligibility enhancement solution that draws attention to the human voice without adding gain, EQ, or any other type of traditional signal processing. Instead, it draws upon the results of significant research into how viewers respond to, perceive, and process sound. The result is that viewers no longer have to struggle to understand the spoken word or hear dialogue as it competes with other elements in the final mix.

“Dialogue is the primary audio element in television; when people speak, they’re meant to be heard and understood; when viewers struggle to discern what’s being said, they become frustrated and get pulled out of the moment,” explains John Schur, President, Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group. “Using AudioTools Voice during production ensures the audience never has to struggle to understand dialogue.”

The effectiveness of AudioTools Voice transcends factors such as low-quality television speakers, sound bars, and less-than-ideal listening environments. Critically, the increased dialogue intelligibility easily survives the loudness processing, upmixing, downmixing, and audio encoding stages required for program distribution and transmission.

Ideally, AudioTools Voice is applied to the dialogue track(s) prior to creating the final stereo or multi-channel mix; however, it can easily and effectively be applied to existing mono, 2-channel, and multi-channel mixes.

The AudioTools Voice plug-in is available for Minnetonka Audio’s AudioTools Server platform, Avid’s Pro Tools and Media Composer product family, and other qualified VST 2.4 hosts.

The retail version of AudioTools Voice is currently shipping and available for immediate download from Minnetonka Audio at http://www.minnetonkaaudioshop.com with an MSRP of $795.00. For more information on the AudioTools Server plug-in, please contact an authorized AudioTools sales agent at https://www.telosalliance.com/contact-sales.

For more information on AudioTools Voice, please visit https://www.telosalliance.com/MinnetonkaAudio/AudioTools-Voice

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