New Telos Nx12 Talkshow System

New Telos Nx12 Talkshow System 
4 hybrids, multi-studio support

06 April 2007, Cleveland Ohio, USA

At NAB 2007, Telos will introduce the latest in its highly-regarded series of next-generation broadcast telephone systems: the Nx12 Talkshow System.

Packaged in a slim, 2RU chassis, the Nx12 contains 4 adaptive digital hybrids packed with advanced DSP technology that makes callers sound better than ever before. Nx12 users with phone-intensive formats such as talk or interview shows can choose to use all 4 hybrids in a single studio; broadcasters with multi-station facilities can use Nx12’s Split Studio Mode to serve two separate studios with two hybrids each.

“Clients who’ve had sneak peeks at Nx12 are thrilled,” remarks Rolf Taylor, Telephony Product Manager for Telos. “With 4 hybrids and multi-studio, multi-station support, Nx12 is perfectly suited to the needs of today’s broadcasters, whether their stations are small, medium, or large. I don’t believe there’s ever been a broadcast phone system with so much power, flexibility and value.”

Nx12 works with up to 12 phone lines, and supports both analog and digital call circuits. Each of Nx12’s 4 hybrids is equipped with its own adjustable AGC and noise gate with algorithms developed by Omnia. Combined with Telos’ renowned Digital Dynamic EQTM and adaptive hybrid technology, Nx12 delivers superior caller-to-caller consistency and the best possible trans-hybrid loss from the Telco’s “last mile,” whether you’re using POTS or ISDN.

Just some of the features and benefits of Nx12:

  • Four digital adaptive hybrids that can power two standard studios or, for telephone-intensive formats, a single four-hybrid studio.
  • Adjustable Digital Dynamic EQ keeps sound signature uniform from caller to caller.
  • New symmetrical Smart AGC by Omnia keeps levels consistent, automatically adjusting for callers who are too loud or too soft.
  • “Long-tail” echo suppression to help tame echo on satellite, cellular, and VoIP calls.
  • Status SymbolsTM Visual Call Management provide instant line and caller status at a glance.
  • Built-in remote control capabilities for recording devices and profanity delay units.
  • Studio Adaption and pitch shifter to help prevent feedback in open-speaker environments.
  • A large selection of tabletop and in-console control surfaces let you tailor your Nx12 system to fit your needs and budget.
  • Standard accommodation for up to 4 control surfaces; easily expandable to eight.
  • Full-featured I/O with choice of AES/EBU or analog connections, plus LivewireTM Ethernet interface for direct audio and control integration with Axia IP-Audio networks.
  • Built-in webserver lets you administer options from anywhere via LAN or WAN.
  • Twin Program-On-Hold inputs for easy two-station setup.
  • Choice of POTS, ISDN (S) or ISDN (U) telephone line interface — or, use any two types in a 50/50 mix.
  • Seamless integration with Telos Assistant Producer call-screening software for onscreen control and enhanced producer/talent communication during fast-paced talk shows.

Nx12 users enjoy the largest selection of control surfaces in the industry. Two different Telos Desktop Director models can control two or four hybrids, respectively, and include a built-in handset, an acoustically isolated speakerphone, and a jack for your producer’s favorite headset. The Call Controller, a standalone two-hybrid/12-line control surface, connects to your favorite wired or wireless phoneset. Axia Element users can control Nx12 right from their studio console with optional Axia Call Control or Phone Fader Modules; turret-mount controllers and drop-in panels for third-party consoles are also available.

Nx12 is ready for broadcasting’s networked future, too. It uses the LivewireTM standard for professional networked audio over Ethernet, connecting directly to Axia IP-Audio Networks. When used as part of an Axia network, a single CAT-6 connection carries all caller audio and mix-minus feeds, Program-On-Hold audio and hybrid control commands.

The Nx12 Talkshow System will be on display at NAB 2007; attendees are invited to find out more by visiting the Telos / Omnia / Axia display in Booth N7726. For more information, contact Angi Roberson via email at, via phone at +1-216-241-7225, and visit