New from Axia: the Livewire Limitless License

In 2003, Axia Audio (the networked audio division of Telos) introduced Livewire™, a real-time AoIP networking system using Ethernet for uncompressed digital pro audio. Eight years later, Livewire is the broadcast industry’s de facto standard for networking studio equipment. More than 2,000 radio studios are equipped with Axia AoIP networks, with over 25,000 Livewire-equipped devices in service.

Of course, the value of a network increases with the number and variety of devices connected. So Axia has always aggressively partnered with leading broadcast equipment companies; as a result, broadcasters benefit from a network of more than 30 partners whose hardware and software products connect using Livewire:

25-Seven Systems
8BC, Ltd.
AdeuxI Activity
AudioScience, Inc.
Broadcast Electronics
Broadcast Software International
Burli Software
DABiS800 / Sohard AG
Dalet Digital Media Systems
D.A.V.I.D. Systems
Digigram SA
Digimedia / Micromedia AG
ENCO Systems, Inc.
Fraunhofer IIS
International Datacasting
Linear Acoustic
Nautel Limited
Omnia Audio
OMT Technologies / iMediaTouch
Netia, a GlobeCast Company
Paravel Systems / Rivendell Radio Automation
Pristine Systems
RCS Sound Software
Radio Systems
Synadyn Media Software
Telos Systems
WideOrbit Inc.
WinMedia Group
Xi Audio
Zenon Media GmbH

Now, Axia is making it easier than ever for partners to integrate Livewire connectivity into their products. Introducing L3, the Livewire Limitless License. Under Axia’s L3 Initiative, a single $500 license fee entitles any audio equipment company to build Livewire into an unlimited number of devices.

“Broadcasters have been quick to embrace the power of networked studio equipment. That’s why Livewire has become so successful,” says Michael “Catfish” Dosch, President of Axia Audio. “And this power will continue to increase, until every audio device, everywhere, is networked with every other device. Obviously, with the thousands of Livewire devices already in daily use, Livewire is well-proven technology and will continue to grow. And companies who become Livewire partners have instant access to a huge installed base. So we’re removing the per-unit licensing barrier, to make Livewire affordable for everyone.”

“Due to the success of Livewire, a few other protocols have appeared,” notes Dosch, “but the developers of these protocols either want to charge hefty per-unit license fees, or they have virtually no track record, or they connect exclusively to their own products.”

“Under the Livewire Limitless License, we are publishing our designs, opening our source code and even sharing specification documents and development information with our partners,” Dosch continues. “Right now, we’re developing an online forum to share information and encourage the growth of ideas. We hope that this will even spur kitchen-table technologists to come up with their own new ideas and networked products! ”

“Radio broadcasters can be proud of having pioneered the path of networked pro audio,” says Dosch. “Now the benefits of Livewire can be enjoyed by other audio industries as well.”

The Livewire Limitless License (L3) features, among other things:

  • A low price of entry, with a one-time $500 fee that grants an unlimited lifetime license to build as many Livewire products as desired.
  • Ongoing access to Livewire reference designs, source code and knowledgebase.
  • Membership in an online community of Livewire development partners.
  • The ability to purchase or replicate the new Axia Livewire SIMM module. Licensees can choose to purchase this module for use in their own products, or use it as a reference design during development.
  • A complimentary copy of Steve Church & Skip Pizzi’s definitive technical treatise, Audio Over IP: Building Pro AoIP Systems with Livewire, published by Focal Press.

The L3 Initiative program opens to interested manufacturers on Monday, May 9, 2011


Axia, a Telos company, builds Ethernet-based professional IP-Audio products for broadcast, sound-reinforcement and commercial audio applications. Along with the popular Element 2.0 modular console for on-air, commercial production, audio workstations and personal studios, Axia products include the PowerStation integrated console engine, intercom systems, digital audio routers, DSP mixers and processors, and software for configuring, managing and interfacing networked audio systems.