Newest Omnia Breaks $4,000 Price Barrier

LAS VEGAS, April 10, 2000

Omnia welcomes the newest member to its family of DSP-based processors. The Omnia-3, making its debut at NAB 2000, features all the processing power and punch that number-one stations around the world have used to become market leaders--at an extremely affordable price point.

The all-digital Omnia-3 includes standard features not found anywhere else. It provides superior 48kHz sampling for pristine fidelity without aliasing artifacts, three-band processing, AES/EBU inputs & outputs, integrated clipper and composite filter, and digital stereo generator (FM model). Even more impressive than the technical features is the sound. Omnia-3 delivers unprecedented loudness without ever sacrificing clarity.

A removable PC card lets users easily store and recall settings, and makes software upgrades a breeze. The user-friendly two-level interface allows for precise sculpting of a station's unique on-air sound regardless of the user’s experience level.

The processing power of Omnia-3 allows stations in mid-sized and smaller markets to make their stations as loud and competitive as large market stations, according Cutting Edge President Frank Foti.

"In radio's increasingly digital environment, it's more important than ever for stations to be loud without sacrificing quality. The real proof of the Omnia-3 is in the sound. It delivers the precision and clarity of digital control along with the warmth and depth of analog, " Foti noted. "And stations don't have to break their budget to afford this added power."

Omnia-3 will be available in three versions: Omnia-3fm for FM broadcasters, Omnia-3am for AM and Omnia-3net for Internet audio streaming. The Omnia-3 also features optional remote control and is fully DAB-ready. Omnia-3 will be introduced at the Spring 2000 NAB; to see it, visit Omnia in booth R2057, in Las Vegas, April 10-13th.


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