Omnia.SG Digital Stereo Generator Keeps FM Processing at the Studio

No one likes going “up the hill” to make those last few tweaks to the station’s audio chain. That’s avoided with the new all-digital stereo generator, which puts the pieces of an FM station’s audio processing where they’re best suited—processing in the studio and stereo generation at the transmitter.

Situating the at the transmitter site maintains the tight coupling between stereo generator and exciter, minimizing loudness-robbing overshoots. Because it uses proven digital technology pioneered in the popular processor, not only includes a digital stereo generator, but also a composite clipper for adding extra loudness and low-pass filter for interference-free subcarrier operation.

For maximum flexibility in accommodating studio-to-transmitter (STL) links, accepts analog as well as digital inputs, utilizing onboard sample rate and A-to-D/D-to-A conversion. Dual-composite outputs are provided along with SCA loop-throughs for convenient hook-ups at the transmitter site. boasts a beautifully simple front panel interface for effortless setup and calibration. A lockout function is included to prevent inadvertent changes, as well as a BNC composite monitor point for easy testing and LED monitoring of input and output levels. Front panel status LEDs are duplicated on a rear panel connector, providing status outputs and remote control inputs. A silence warning is also included.

To find out more about the, visit Telos Systems / Cutting Edge in booth #1417 at the NAB Radio Show in Orlando, Fla., from August 31-September 2, or browse


Telos Systems is a leading manufacturer of ISDN, digital network and telephone interface products for talk-show programming, call-in radio segments, teleconferencing, audio production, remote broadcasts, and internet applications. Telos is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, with satellite operations throughout the US as well as Canada and Europe. To find out more about Telos Systems, call +1 (216) 241-7225.

Cutting Edge, a Telos company, is world-renowned for its innovative digital audio signal processing expertise. Its Omnia family of digital audio processors for FM, AM, TV, DAB, Internet, and broadcast audio production are setting new standards for audio quality in the broadcast and Internet industries worldwide. To find out more about Cutting Edge, call +1 (216) 241-3343, or browse

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