Omnia introduces interactive radio technology platform

Available under venerable "AudioActive" banner

26 February 2013

Telos Alliance CEO Frank Foti has announced today that Allen Hartle's Jump2Go and Omnia Audio are joining forces to create the world's first "Interactive Radio" technology platform. The new suite of products will be released under the "AudioActive" banner as a tribute to the pioneering brand which Telos Systems founder Steve Church created during the dot-com era.

"It is a huge honor to be able to join forces with the Telos Alliance" says Jump2Go Founder Allen Hartle.  "Steve Church and Frank Foti have always been role models, mentors and friends to us.  It is incredible that we get to collaborate with their talented staff,  and to create the most technically sophisticated and elegant suite of products to usher in the era of Interactive Radio.  I couldn't be happier."

Frank Foti, Telos Alliance CEO, concurs:  "Broadcasters have been very receptive to innovations that make radio more immersive to today's younger listener demographics,  and we think that this new AudioActive technology is something they'll be excited about, too.  For instance, AudioActive will bring RDS encoding to Omnia audio processors, and provide 'live' metadata to Telos Alliance products such as Telos ProFiler and ProStream, Omnia A/XE, and Axia IP-Audio networks.  And that's just for starters!"

For media inquiries contact: Denny Sanders, Omnia Marketing Director at

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