Peter Passian Picked Our Products!

P+P Nachrichtentechnik to distribute Axia in Germany.

12 July 2004, Cleveland, OH USA

Axia Audio welcomes a new member to their worldwide family of distributors:: P+P Nachrichtentechnik, of Regensburg, Germany. Axia’s Clark Novak sat down with Peter Passian, President of P+P, for a quick chat.

Axia: Peter, thanks for the time to talk. Tell us a bit about yourself?

Peter: Well, I started as an engineer for a small radio station in Bavaria back in 1985. I guess I did OK, because pretty soon other stations began asking me to engineer for them as well. I started P+P in 1988 as a service provider, but over the years the company developed into a systems integrator and distributor for professional broadcast products.

Axia: You've been very enthusiastic about Axia. Why is that?

Peter: Axia is a Telos company, and Telos has been a technology pioneer so often that I’m positive Axia will succeed! We’ve actually been involved with the Telos group for a few years; in 2001 we signed to be the Omnia [audio processing – Ed.] distributor for Germany; in 2002 we became theTelos representative as well. As a part of that relationship, we are also the Telos Repair Center for Europe, and we work together with all of the well-known German broadcast companies in that capacity.

Axia: Do you think Axia products will do well in the German broadcast market?

Peter: I wouldn't have gone for Axia if I didn't believe that it will do well! Axia is so flexible in so many different ways that it will be a great fit for the German market. I would have loved having Axia when I was a station engineer. In fact, not only do I foresee good things for Axia in broadcasting, I believe that it will also do well in other audio markets.

Axia: Like what?

Peter: I think Axia is perfect for Pro Audio and recording studios, installed sound in public arenas, performance halls, churches… just about anywhere people want to get audio from one place to another without the high expense and labor of traditional wiring.

Axia: Do you have anything else to add, Peter?

Peter: It‘s so much fun to work together with you guys… You probably won’t want to put that into the interview, but it’s true!

Axia: More fun than picking pecks of pickled peppers, Peter?

Peter: What?


Axia, a Telos company, builds network-based professional audio products for broadcast, production, sound-reinforcement and commercial audio applications. Products include digital audio routers, DSP mixers and processors and software for configuring, managing, and interfacing networked audio systems.