Software Upgrade Available for Omnia-6 Audio Processors

Enriched Remote Control, Bass Enhancement Included

19 December 2001, Cleveland, OH USA

Omnia-6fmOmnia Audio has announced the availability of Version 6.01 software for Omnia-6fm Digital Audio Processors, shipping now to registered users.

“Team Omnia has added several functions we think users will find valuable,” says Jeff Keith, Omnia-6 Senior Project Manager. “Enhancements to the Bass Management system, Remote Control and Daypart Scheduling functions make it even easier to create and maintain your station’s signature sound.”

Software updates are delivered to Omnia owners via PCMCIA cards, a feature found exclusively in Omnia audio processors. “Our users have told us that one of the significant benefits of owning Omnia is the ability to upgrade software without sending their processor back to the factory,” noted Keith.

Enhanced functions include:

  • Phase Rotator network enhancements with improved symmetry on asymmetrical waveforms for smoother sound.
  • PHAT Bass parameter tuned for broader effect.
  • Wideband AGC includes smoother "attack" functions to allow slower settings while preserving system headroom.
  • Full support of Ethernet control connections.
  • Editable security settings for greater control of user access.
  • A new Stealth Mode that lets users turn off the bargraph meters in the processing section and hide the selected preset from view when the unit is locked.
  • Improved Daypart Menu functions.
  • Time display shows time to the second, allowing extremely granular control of system events and daypart settings.
  • Upgraded remote control client allows access to a wider range of system settings via remote.

To receive the Omnia-6 v6.01 software update, users can register on the Omnia by calling call Omnia directly at +1 216-241-3343.

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