Second Opinion Communications becomes Axia integrator

3 May 2012, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Axia Audio has a new addition to its family of IP-Audio network integrators: Gregory Dahl’s Second Opinion Communications, headquartered in Rockford, Illinois.

"We’re glad to welcome Greg to our family of integration partners," says Axia marketing manager Clark Novak. "After more than 20 years in broadcast engineering, Greg is quite well known, both for his time as a CE in for Clear Channel and his position as DoE for Connoisseur Communications. Axia clients will be well-served by his expertise and knowledge, and his enthusiasm for IP-Audio!"

"We are very excited to be an integration partner with Axia Audio, a cutting edge company in the broadcast industry," says Dahl. "SOCi is committed to providing the highest quality integration service with Axia Audio as the foundation of a broadcast facility."

Axia allows broadcasters to quickly and easily build audio networks using switched Ethernet to connect a few rooms, or an entire facility. Axia networks have a total system capacity of more than 10,000 audio streams, and can carry hundreds of digital stereo channels (plus machine logic and PAD) over a single CAT-6 cable, eliminating much of the cost normally associated with wiring labor and infrastructure. Over 30 partner companies make broadcast equipment that connects directly via Ethernet to Axia networks, and Axia IP-Audio networks are now on-the-air in more than 3,000 studios worldwide.

Gregory Dahl may be reached at or at +1-815-222-3556.


Axia, a Telos Alliance company, builds Ethernet-based professional IP-Audio products for broadcast, sound-reinforcement and commercial audio applications. Along with the Element 2.0. iQ, Radius, DESQ and RAQ AoIP consoles for on-air, commercial production, audio workstations and personal studios, Axia products include intercom systems, digital audio routers, DSP mixers and processors, and software for configuring, managing and interfacing networked audio systems.