Telos Adds NeoWinners Contest Tracking Software

Telos Adds NeoWinners Contest Tracking Software

16 May 2005, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Telos Systems has entered into an agreement with Paris, France-based NeoGroupe ( to distribute NeoWinners, an advanced contest-and-winner-tracking software package that helps broadcasters take control of call-in contests. NeoWinners is represented in the USA exclusively by Telos, and will also be available internationally from select Telos distributors.

NeoWinners is a standalone software suite for Windows® that can also interface directly with Telos TWOx12 and Series 2101 talkshow systems. Especially suited to large station clusters and stations, NeoWinners helps Operations Managers and Promotions Directors manage large numbers of call-in contests. NeoWinners helps automate the task of scheduling giveaways and tracking winners, keeping a real-time count of prize inventories and helping identify and eliminate “serial winners.” NeoWinners let you easily schedule even the most complex contests in just moments.

NeoWinners’ large list of advanced features allows you to:

  • Eliminate error-prone paper tracking of prize inventories, contest schedules and “who won what
  • Automate compilation of event-related guest lists
  • Keep a detailed inventory of available prizes
  • Automatically generate prize letters (printed or e-mailed), mailing labels and winner lists
  • Use Caller ID services to instantly identify callers and access caller database information
  • Identify and blacklist “serial winners” and repeat callers
  • Schedule a full week’s worth of contests with just two mouse clicks

Additionally, NeoWinners contains extensive reporting and data mining features that enable promotions personnel, talent and even front-office staff to instantly access information about winners and prizes using a common, central database, eliminating lost and conflicting information and confirming prize disbursement.

“We at Telos were very impressed with this system,” says Telos Managing Director Denny Sanders. “There is nothing else like it. I was in radio management for thirty years before joining Telos, and I wish we’d had this system back then. Show it to any GM, PD or Promotions Manager and watch their eyes light up.”

NeoWinners is used by dozens of major broadcasters worldwide, including Canada’s Astral Media, France’s RTL, and the NRJ network. NeoWinners software interfaces directly with Telos TWOx12 and Series 2101 Talkshow Systems; Telos ONE-x-Six systems can also be adapted for use with NeoWinners. The software requires a standard PC with Windows® XP, 2000 or NT4. For information about pricing and availability, contact Caroline Dorsey at, or phone +1 216 241-7225.



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