Telos Alliance Introduces the Broadcast Audio Fanatic Tour

8 April 2013, Cleveland Ohio, USA

The Telos Alliance (, a family of five broadcast companies with installations in over 175 countries, today announced the launch of a 12-month coast-to-coast tour by a van packed with audio gear from Telos, Omnia, 25-Seven, Axia and Linear Acoustic. The Broadcast Audio Fanatics (BAF) tour will be making stops to demonstrate equipment at clusters in large cities as well as small-market stations.

"There are an increasing number of broadcasters who are unable to get out to attend trade shows, explained Frank Foti, President of The Telos Alliance. "The Broadcast Audio Fanatics tour is an opportunity for us to connect with end-users, share stories and hopefully educate customers about what we've got going on."

"It's also an opportunity to get input from customers on what we should focus on in the future," adds Telos Alliance CTO Tim Carroll. "Some products come directly from customer suggestions on how we can help them solve specific challenges. Another advantage of the B.A.F. tour is that we will be able to spend quality time with people, something that is very hard to do in Las Vegas."

Christina Carroll, VP/Executive Director, Linear Acoustic, notes "This tour is a tribute to stations that have a love for audio like we do; however, don't have the time or energy to make it to NAB every year. We want to give back and bring our line of products to your doors!"

Taking turns at the wheel of the Broadcast Audio Fanatics van will be two recent college grads, Andrew Clark and Jared Given. The pair first met during a semester abroad in New Zealand. They spent several weeks of 'boot camp' at Telos Alliance headquarters in Cleveland, learning about the product lines and how to set up and demonstrate the equipment.

For more information, or to track progress of the BAF tour, visit the blog at , or .

BAF Logo    The Broadcast Audio Fanatics Tour logo


Andrew  Jared   Andrew Clark & Jared Given prepare to hit the road in the Broadcast Audio Fanatics Tour van.


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