Telos Alliance Leads the Way in Broadcast Audio Solutions at SET Expo

São Paulo, Brazil (Booth #12) / Cleveland, OH – 27 August 2019

The Telos Alliance® is leading the charge in broadcast audio at the SET EXPO 2019 (Booth #12) in São Paulo, Brazil, today through August 29, 2019. Representatives from the Telos Alliance are on-hand to discuss new products and technology developments from Telos, Omnia, Axia, 25-Seven, Linear Acoustic, and Minnetonka with the Latin American market, emphasizing innovation in AoIP, as well as delivering the tools TV and Radio broadcasters need to create the best possible content and sound on any broadcast platform. 

“We are excited to bring our radio and television broadcast solutions, as well as our enterprise software offerings for OTT content delivery for mobile and tablet platforms to the Latin American market at SET Expo," says Larry Deeds, Telos Alliance Senior Director of Global Enterprise Software Sales. "However content is consumed, the Telos Alliance offers best-in-class tools for the broadcaster and content distributor to produce the very highest quality audio, engaging end-users and keeping them watching and listening longer.”

At SET Expo, the Telos Alliance will feature new developments to the Telos Infinity® IP Intercom platform. This next-generation communication solution is a matrix-free design and allows networked hardware and software to be added without the worry of exceeding the number of ports on a matrix. Its distributed DSP architecture adds resources as the system grows. Suitable for both communication and contribution audio, Telos Infinity is infinitely scalable, boasts a low cost of ownership, and enjoys seamless interoperability through Livewire+™ AES67.

New additions to Telos Infinity include Telos Infinity Link, an OPUS codec-based software product that takes the form of a series of software licenses that can be added to any host Infinity Panel or Beltpack hardware, unlocking 2 (Beltpack only), 4 or 8 embedded codecs that convert WAN-side VoIP to LAN-side Livewire+ AES67. There is also a 1RU hardware Gateway device supplied with dual AC power and dual gigabit ethernet connection supporting either 8 or 16 embedded codecs. Infinity Dashboard Advanced is another new development, an optimized configuration and system management tool with an extended feature set designed for Telos Infinity Intercom systems of all sizes and applications, unlocking the full potential of Infinity.

SET Expo attendees are invited to learn about solutions for TV audio processing, including real-time air-chain audio and loudness management from Linear Acoustic. The new Linear Acoustic ARC loudness processor, for example, delivers Linear Acoustic audio quality, plus the right features at the right price.

Exciting developments to enterprise solutions for file-based playout (such as podcasts)—including the latest developments to the powerful Minnetonka Audio Tools Server—will be on hand for demonstration. Radio stations spend tens of thousands of dollars and devote many hours to adjusting their on-air processing to create a unique, compelling, identifiable, and consistent sound. If broadcasters expect to capture listeners and monetize on-demand content, they must treat these deliverables with the same care as live content, particularly when it comes to audio quality. The  AudioTools suite of products combines the world’s best radio audio processor with the world’s leading file-based audio automation tool in a variety of packages that are budget-friendly, but guarantee the best possible listening experience for any audience.

State-of-the-art audio processing solutions for radio will also be highlighted at SET Expo. When it comes to enhanced ratings, eliminating listener fatigue, and stream-encoding and processing for radio, Omnia is the industry standard. Telos Alliance has updates to the Omnia.11 audio processor, including a new version of Frank Foti's Pepino clipper. Additionally, the new Omnia MPX Node extends the power of AoIP from the studio to the transmitter and delivers MPX over IP, at data rates as low as 320kbps. 

Finally, AoIP consoles, such as the new Axia iQx Console that combines a mix engine and surface into one plug-and-play unit, deliver mature AoIP console technology from Axia, the inventor of AoIP for broadcast. SET Expo attendees are invited to booth #12 to see how Telos Alliance Solutions can address their particular broadcasting needs.

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