Podcasters Increase Audience & Differentiate Sound with Omnia Audio

Omnia processing helps podcasters create a sound that builds excitement, stands out from the “noise,” keeps listeners tuned in, and generates more digital ad revenue.

Cleveland, Ohio (September 10, 2020) –Telos Alliance—trusted global leader in broadcast audio for more than three decades—will conduct a new webinar as part of its Virtual Showcase, entitled "Your Podcast Audio DOES Matter! Differentiate Your Sound & Grow Your Audience with Omnia Processing" on September 30 at 12 PM EDT, hosted by Telos Alliance's Mary Ann Seidler, Larry Deeds, and Graham Tudball.

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Radio stations spend tens of thousands of dollars and devote many hours to adjusting their on-air processing to create a unique, compelling, and consistent sound. If broadcasters and podcasters expect to capture listeners and monetize podcast on-demand content (in the $1B digital ad market), they must treat these files with the same care as live content, particularly when it comes to audio quality. 

What do listeners complain about?

  • Wildly varying levels within the same program, making it difficult to set and forget volume levels
  • Lack of consistent loudness between content from different sources
  • Lack of intelligibility, especially on portable devices and earbuds
  • A generally poor audio experience compared with what listeners are used to on the radio

Join Telos Alliance's Mary Ann Seidler, Larry Deeds, and Graham Tudball as they demonstrate how podcasters can use Omnia audio processing to create a sound that builds excitement around podcasts on-demand, helps them stand out from the “noise” of the 1M+ podcasts that are now available, keeps listeners tuned in, and generates more digital ad revenue! 

Those interested in attending the webinar can sign up here.


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