Telos showcases VoIP talkshow systems, IP Codecs at BIRTV

Telos showcases VoIP talkshow systems, IP Codecs at BIRTV

7 August 2012, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Telos Systems, the industry leader in broadcast codecs, telephone hybrids and talkshow systems, is bringing its VX Broadcast VoIP talkshow system, Z/IP ONE IP Codec, and ProStream Internet streaming hardware to BIRTV in Beijing.

Broadcasters are sending and generating increasing amounts of program content via VoIP and IP connections, notes Telos Marketing Manager Clark Novak. Naturally, Telos is right at the forefront of these developments.

Visitors to BIRTV can see the latest Telos products, including VX, Z/IP ONE and ProStream, presented by Telos distributors Digital Media Technologies in Booth #2012.

Telos VX Broadcast VoIP Talkshow System

The Telos VX Broadcast VoIP talkshow system will be featured at BIRTV. VX, the first VoIP telephone system for broadcast, is also the world?s only scalable multi-studio, whole-plant telephone system designed specifically to meet the needs of radio and TV professionals.

Using proven IP-Audio technology, VX users can move and share telephone lines between studios as needed, dynamically adding call capacity where it?s needed most. VX uses standard Ethernet to interconnect studios, so it is naturally scalable. VX is powerful enough to manage clusters of up to 20 studios ? but is surprisingly cost effective for even single stations with more modest talk shows. 16 hybrids can be on-the-air simultaneously; conferencing capabilities support as many as 48 active calls at once. A selection of 12-, 6- and 1-line VSet phone controllers are available, along with drop-in control modules for Axia IP-Audio mixing consoles.

VX connects to standard POTS and ISDN phone lines, and cost-effective SIP Trunking services. When used with SIP Trunking telco services, calls from mobile handsets with SIP clients will benefit from VX?s native support of the G.722 ?HD Voice? codec, instantly improving caller speech quality. VX also supports G.711 A-Law and ?-Law codecs for compatibility with the widest range of PBXs and gateways. A comprehensive audio processing toolbox makes certain that callers sound their best no matter the connection: Telos Digital Dynamic EQ, Smart AGC, and a three-band adaptive spectral processor produce superior caller audio. Send audio has an AGC/limiter, frequency shifter, and Advanced Echo Cancellation from Germany?s FhG eliminate echo and feedback. And VX works beautifully with any broadcast console: it connects easily to Axia Livewire networks via Ethernet, and to traditional studio systems via analog or AES audio interfaces.

Telos ProStream hardware Web-streaming appliance

Telos ProSTREAM is a professional, hardware-based Internet streaming solution which processes audio, encodes it for Internet streaming, and delivers it to your stream replicator, while consuming just 1RU of rack space. Studio-grade analog I/O and Livewire IP-Audio connections feed a 3-band Omnia audio processor, which sends conditioned audio to genuine MP3 and MPEG-AAC encoding algorithms from FhG. The result: a Web stream with artifact-free sound quality at whatever bit rate you choose. ProStream works with SHOUTcast-compatible media servers, ICEcast, Wowza, Adobe Flash Media Server, and Live365 to deliver clean, clear, compelling Internet audio to your listeners.

Telos Z/IP ONE IP Codec

Telos Z/IP ONE, a member of the respected Zephyr family of broadcast codecs, is an affordable, 1 RU codec designed to help deliver the best possible quality from public IP networks and mobile phone data services ? even from connections behind NATs and firewalls; the Telos hosted Z/IP Server service (free to Z/IP ONE users) helps overcome troublesome firewalls and NATs, allowing users to easily connect with other Z/IP codecs, no matter what corporate firewall they may be located behind.

Z/IP ONE offers a range of connection options for maximum flexibility in the field. Users can employ a traditional wired connection, or connect to IP networks via Wi-Fi, EVDO, and UMTS. A matched WiFi modem stick is included with each Z/IP ONE.

Agile Connection Technology (ACT), a Telos exclusive, is the foundation for the Z/IP's excellent performance. Using ACT, Z/IP ONE delivers reliable audio despite varying network conditions, and without the need for user intervention. Z/IP ONE?s ACT routines dynamically adapt to the conditions of the connected IP network, minimizing the effects of packet loss and jitter, maintaining your connection regardless of network bandwidth fluctuations.

Thanks to genuine Fraunhofer codecs, Z/IP ONE extracts excellent quality from not-so excellent IP connections, resulting in excellent fidelity at low bitrates with nearly inaudible loss concealment and very little delay. Z/IP ONE is fully N/ACIP compliant, and includes AAC-ELD, AAC-HE, AAC-LD, MPEG Layer 2, MPEG 4, AAC LC, MPEG 2 AAC LC, G.711, G.722 and linear PCM codecs, allowing users to choose the best codec for virtually any connection.

Visitors to BIRTV in Beijing can see Telos products at the Digital Media Technology booth, #2012. For more in-depth information about Telos products, visit, and for media information, contact Clark Novak at Telos Systems via email at, or call +1 216-241-7225.

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Telos Systems is a member of The Telos Alliance. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with offices in Europe, Telos is a leading manufacturer of ISDN, coded audio and telephone interface products for talk-shows, teleconferencing, audio production, remote broadcasts, and intercom applications.