Voltair 2.0 Now Available

New Version adds Enhanced Confidence Data Extraction Tools, New Web GUI

29 September 2015 Cleveland Ohio, USA

In 2014, a quiet revolution began that would shake the radio broadcast industry, completely changing the way broadcasters thought about their audio and its impact on watermark-based ratings measurement. After years of research and development, followed by proof-of-concept in quiet deployment at over 300 stations, 25-Seven® publicly introduced Voltair to the world at NAB 2015. With nearly 800 units now on the air, broadcasters’ response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Never content to maintain the status quo, the 25-Seven team asked how this valuable tool could be further refined. The answer? Detailed analytics. With Voltair 2.0, broadcasters gain full access to the storehouse of comprehensive historical data that every Voltair unit has been internally and securely logging at one-minute and fifteen-minute intervals since its day of installation.

In addition, Voltair 2.0 now gives clients the ability to record granular historical data at intervals as small as 4.8 seconds (a single watermarking message). The data is available via a completely re-written web GUI as downloadable spreadsheets, or through an IP interface that allows groups to tie the data into existing programming and audience analytics systems at the enterprise level.

“Voltair gives stations a peek into the ‘black box’ of a critical system that directly affects their bottom line, and Version 2.0 provides them with more information than ever before," notes 25-Seven founder Geoff Steadman. "Clients who've previewed Voltair's new capabilities can't stop raving about the level of information it provides them with. And, as everybody knows, information means power."

The Telos Alliance® is making Voltair 2.0 a free update for all existing Voltair customers, now available for immediate download. Hundreds of users have already downloaded Voltair 2.0 since last week's release and are taking advantage of the new features. In addition, customers who download the update will automatically receive a license key for the new “Enhanced” Confidence Data Extraction capabilities introduced in Voltair 2.0. 

For the latest information on Voltair, or to download version 2.0, visit TelosAlliance.com/Voltair. For media information, contact Shane Toven at Shane.Toven@TelosAlliance.com, or call +1 216-241-7225.


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