Omnia ONE FAQ's

How do I convert my Omnia ONE to a different style? (FM, AM, Multicast, Studio Pro)

The Omnia ONE has two built-in software banks. When a software update is performed, the new software is loaded into the bank that is currently not in use. By loading a different style (downloadable free from into a software bank and then booting the unit from that bank, the unit will be running the new style. In fact, this procedure is exactly the same as for a software upgrade. Please see the Omnia ONE user manual for full instructions.

My Omnia ONE is locked, the default password is not working and we have forgotten the password we changed it to. How can the unit be unlocked and the password reset to the defaults?

For the Omnia ONE, follow the steps outlined here for the OmniaONE password reset procedure

My Omnia ONE is locked, what is the factory default password?

Via front panel or Ethernet remote (built-in web page) : "omnia"

{My Omnia ONE will not finish booting up. It sticks with a lit but blank LCD screen and the LED meters frozen at a random level.

This is likely to be a hardware problem that will require a trip in for repair. It can be the result of the unit having been exposed to a power surge or lightning strike. Please contact Omnia Support to schedule a repair.

My browser no longer supports Java, what can I do?

Download and install the appropriate V2.8 firmware for your Omnia One. Version 2.8 provides a separate application to run your remote, and no longer depends on native Java compatibility in the browser.